• Doing vitamins differently.

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easy. tasty. healthy.

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gluten-free. vegetarian. allergen-free.

Our vitamins are made with pectin derived from fruit rather than gelatin from animal bones. Not only does it digest more efficiently, but it also doesn't melt in high temperatures, and is gluten-free, vegetarian, and allergen-free.

pouches vs. bottles

The vitamin industry has always used bottles. You waste 80% less plastic for every vitafive bag that you purchase. Let’s switch it up and save the world one bag at a time.

our elderberry

My kids came down with colds few days later and the colds only lasted 2-3 days for them! They work so well and taste sooo good! 

Allison V.

our multi

The first thing my daughter said was “Those vitamins you gave me taste amazing!” She loved the fruit flavor and no aftertaste. I’m going to keep purchasing these for my daughter.

Mary H.

our vitamin D3

This is truly a gourmet vitamin, and I never imagined I would ever say that as a sentence! I also appreciate the company’s use of resealable bags instead of plastic bottles, which are much less wasteful. 

Amy F

our biotin

My daughter is vegan and had these on her Christmas wish list. It isnt always easy to find vegan vitamins, especially in gummy form. She was so excited to get them! They taste delicious and have a great texture as well. We had to hide them because my husband ate a handful thinking they were candy!

Karen Z.

our melatonin

I have trouble sleeping most of the time so like to take Melatonin on nights I have an important meeting or appointment in the Early Morning and need to feel refreshed. This brand stood out to me because its a Gummy and its VEGAN! Yay to no nasty Gelatin. 

Cynthia M.

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