Melatonin for Sleep

They say, the best kind of sleep is deep sleep! Melatonin is a hormone in your body that plays a role in sleep. The production and release of melatonin in the brain is connected to time of day, increasing when it's dark and decreasing when it's light. Melatonin production declines with age. Our Melatonin is infused with a natural hormone that not only helps you fall asleep, but also keeps you in a deep sleep throughout the night!
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What's in our Melatonin for Sleep?

About Coconut Oil

The unique combination of fatty acids in coconut oil may have positive effects on your health, such as boosting fat loss, heart health, and brain function.

About Melatonin

Melatonin works together with your body’s circadian rhythm. In simple terms, the circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock. It lets you know when it’s time to sleep, wake and eat. Melatonin also helps regulate your body temperature, blood pressure and hormone levels.

About Natural Pectin

Pectin is a natural and commercially produced essential ingredient in preserves, like jellies and jams. Without pectin, jellies and jams won't gel. Pectin is a type of starch, called a heteropolysaccharide, that occurs naturally in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables and gives them structure.

  • Vegetarian

    No more melting gelatin vitamins! All of our products are gelatin-free!

  • Eco-friendly Packaging

    Good news! Each bag you purchase reduces your plastic consumption by 80%!

  • Naturally Colored & Flavored

    We make sure to color and flavor all of our products with all-natural fruit!


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vegetarian X X X
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eco-friendly packaging X X X

Customer Reviews

Based on 413 reviews
Straight fire

This thing is amazing. The gradual absorption compared to other melatonins is not comparable. This allows a more gradual ease to sleepiness. You can actually take like a quarter of a gummy and it will still work, allowing you to make the most of your pack longer.

We have tried others but….

We have tried others but, they don’t compare to these by no means. VitaFive is the BEST!!!

Camille Kingsley
Sweet dreams are made of these gummies

The only melatonin gummy’s, that work for the whole family, even half a gummy works!

Kristen Ayers
Friggin Amazing.

I haven't slept well in 6 years once I became pregnant with my first child. These melatonin gummies are the ONLY thing that has worked. Seriously, I can't say enough about them. Please buy them now.

Best Sleep EVER!

I typically average 4-5 toss-and-turn sleeps at night. I have tried many sleep remedies, including other melatonin products. While at the grocery store, this was in the checkout lane and I bought it on a whim. BEST PURCHASE! I took 1 and was knocked out. I slept the full 8hrs and did not wake up once. It's been so long since I was well-rested. I've even been able to work on my caffeine dependency, reducing the amount of coffee I drink, and am able to stay awake through the day. These gummies taste great, are easy to access and you get your $$ worth. Excellent product!!