vitafive's daily packs

At vitafive, we send custom gummy vitamin packs for each day of the week, which will be directly sent to you every 4 weeks.

vitafive's monthly pouches

Not everyone wants to take 3-5 different vitamins a day so we came out with 30 day supply pouches to allow you to have the freedom to take the vitamins you want when you want!

How does it work?

When it comes to the daily packs you subscribe to the monthly service and we send you vitamin packs accordingly. If you don't want to commit to our daily packs you can always just order our 30 day supply pouches!

vitafive's monthly pouches

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Which vitamins are Vegan?

6 out of 8 of our vitamins are vegan and those vitamins are listed below: 

Vegan Vitamins: 

Vitamin c 






The reason our multi, vitamin d3, and calcium & d3 are not vegan is because the vitamin d3 that is in all 3 vitamins is synthesized by an enzyme in sheep's wool.

Which vitamins are Vegetarian?

Every single one of our vitamins are vegetarian friendly. 

That being said all of our vitamins are gelatin free as well!

Which vitamins are Allergen Free?

Every single one of our vitamins are allergen free.

Which vitamins are Gluten Free?

Every single one of our vitamins are gluten free.

Do our vitamins melt or stick together?

Because our vitamins are all made from either starch or pectin they do not melt or become stick from hot weather because the strength of the ingredient they derive from.

How many vitamins are in each dose?

All of our vitamin doses consist of 2 gummies except for our Calcium and D3. That supplement has 1 gummy.


Where to I find shipping information?

All you need to do is go to your account page and you will be able to access your shipping info. We also email you with shipping information when the product goes out. If you are still having trouble finding it please feel free to reach out to us via the chat box on our site.

How do I pause my account?

If you go to your account page there is a drop down that allows you to pause for multiple months.

How do I change my shipping schedule?

If you go to your account page there is a drop down that allows you to change your schedule.

How do I cancel?

Just give us a call at 844-848-2555 and our team will help you out. The hours they are open is 9am to 4pm CST M-F. Thanks so much for understanding!

How do I add on more members?

It is super easy to add a member. All yo need to do is go to the pack builder page and there will be a button that says "add to existing subscription"