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custom pack

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How it works!

You build, we pack, you enjoy!



Choose the vitamins in your pack and we will place those vitamins in each individual pack!



We will put your individual packs in a box and send that box directly to you!



We will send you a box every 4 weeks! Cancel or delay your shipments any time you want!

More about the pack!

Biodegradable, convenient, tasty!

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A daily pack made for you!

You choose the product and we do the rest! We place up to 5 products in your pack and send you 28 packs every 4 weeks!

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100% biodegradable packaging

Our packs are made out of biodegradable material so we make sure that we aren't adding more unnecessary waste to the planet. 

Our Features

Why vitafive?

Safety Switch
No animal products found in any of our vitamins!
Compact Handle
Naturally colored & flavored
High-quality ingredients that taste great too! 
Quality Stainless
Convenient Daily Packs
Convenient daily packs made with biodegradable packaging!

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