How To Boost Your Immune System

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Do you often find yourself struggling with flu and cold?

Are you prone to falling sick quite often?

If you find yourself nodding in affirmation to the questions above, it’s more than likely that you have a weak immune system. A weak immune system is not only a consequence of genetics, cross hybridizing at the time of our birth and giving rise to weird and amazing combinations. It is often more of a product of nutritional deficiencies, something which majority of us choose to treat with complacency. If you fall into the group of such guilty ones, no need to drop off your head. A mistake realized is better than living forever in the world of ignorance.

You ask: How can I boost my immune system?

Let us help you out.

Hail the Immune Pack!

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The two vitamins, collectively called the immune pack, which play a role in strengthening our immune system, are: Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. As per the established guidelines of Food and Nutrition Board, (FNB) the RDA for vitamin C and vitamin D3 varies from 15–90mg and 10–20mcg respectively, depending on the age group and gender. If these daily requirements are not met, the stores depletes gradually with time, resulting in the weakness of the immune system.

Okay, I understand that. But how do they actually act as immune boosters?

Vitamin C as Immunity Booster

Vitamin C is found to play a key role in both of the immune responses that a body possesses, innate immunity response and adaptive immunity response. They are utilized to energize the immune system especially during the inflammatory process. As more and more immune cells take up vitamin C, it leads to increased chemotaxis at the site of infection, leading to increased proliferation of lymphocytes and other immune cells. Furthermore the uptake of vitamin C also promotes increased production of interferon and along with cell proliferation, this helps in forming a network which body uses to fight off intruders.

And that’s not all.

Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, which helps the immune system to neutralize free radicals that may otherwise cause cellular damage and accelerated cellular ageing.

Vitamin D3 as Immunity Booster

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Vitamin D3 is well known for its benefits like calcium absorption and bone development. However, recently expression of Vitamin D3 has been found in cells of bone marrow and immune system highlighting the fact that vitamin D3 has a pivotal role in immune support. Macrophages recognize lipo-polysaccharides (LPS) through toll like receptors (TLRs). When these receptors bind with LPS, it starts a cascade in immune cells where vitamin D3 helps in the transcription process of proteins that later act as destroyers of pathogenic cells. Without vitamin D3, transcription is not possible that leads to impotent immune action.

With the role of the two vitamins fully understood in immune support, it is now time to look at the ways through which we can replenish our vitamins stores.

Replenishing Vitamin C Stores

Vitamin C can be obtained through diet, with citrus fruits like kiwi, oranges, camu camu and Barbados cherries. Apart from that vitamin C is found in abundance in foods like peas, broccoli, guavas, peas, capsicums and green leafy vegetables. How much vitamin C do these foods have to offer, can be checked through this chart.

Replenishing Vitamin D3 Stores

Sunlight is one of the most readily available sources for vitamin D3, however, its absorption depends on melanin content which varies from person to person. As for the dietary sources, vitamin D3 can be obtained from foods like Swiss cheese, fortified cereal and milk, egg yolk, liver, fortified margarine, yoghurt, cod liver oil, fortified yoghurt, fishes like swordfish, salmon and tuna fish, mushrooms, tofu and pork. How much vitamin D3 do these foods have to offer, can be checked on from here and this source.

Gummy Vitamins

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Dietary sources may not always be the most convenient option when it comes to counting on them to meet our daily requirements of vitamin C and vitamin D3. As such multivitamin supplements have increasingly found their use in the consumer domain. But even there, concerns have been found regarding a multivitamin dietary source alternate, which can be chewed easily rather than these pills which need to be swallowed. To address this growing concern, vitafive brings to you its gummy vitamins bundled in an immune pack which is tailored for the kids and adults separately. These gummy vitamins are colorful, sweet and make sure that your RDA needs are facilitated in a convenient way. To get the lashing gummies, place your order now.


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