Hiking, trekking, mountain climbing or almost any similar activity outdoors is one of the best hobbies that one could have. On the other hand, these are some of the most cumbersome ones too. Since a person must take a pack, carrying their essentials with them at all times. Whether you’ll be traveling for a day or for a week, knowing what to pack and how to pack lightly is an art that few people have mastered.

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Seasoned hikers, trekkers, mountaineers and even game hunters are capable enough to know just what they need and what they do not but if you are heading out into the great outdoors for the first time, you are going to make loads of mistakes. Keep in mind that those are all rookie mistakes and are ones that almost every other person in your position makes before they learn to pack properly.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to skip this lesson of tough love of learning through your mistakes, take a look at this list of traveling tips through which you can learn to pack easily.

1.    Easy Packing for Traveling

The first thing should be portability. How quickly and easily can you carry your gear and your backpack with you? Your pack should be small, neat and should be one that contains items that are essential for you. Picking only the essentials ensures that everything has its purpose and nothing is misplaced or unused.

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The more portable packs are, the better you can move from one campsite to another. While there is no hurry, you could end up having to set up an emergency camp owing to a sudden change in weather or any other incident and it’s always better to be prepared. To determine what is essential and what is not, just imagine yourself, already at a mountain peak or treading through the forest and if you don’t have a certain item, how upset would you be?

For example:

Sure if you forgot to pack your portable mini grill, you will have a lack of warmth and miss a source of energy to cook your meals on. On the other hand, if you packed your lighter or a packet of matches and your small Swiss Army knife, you can easily gather some kindling and create a small fire pit to cook in.

Similarly, go through your whole back pack and use this scenario with each and every item. At the end of this exercise, you will have two piles, one you need to take with you and one you want to take with you. Since needs always trump wants, you’ll know which pile to overlook when trying to decide what to pack.

2.    Packing Lightly and Water Proofing

Now remember that the main aim of this exercise is to find out how you can identify what items to take to prepare the best pack to take with you to the great outdoors. However, you have to look at functionality as well. You will be exposed to the elements often and you need equipment and clothing that can deal with torrential rains, have to cross rivers or pools, sharp, barren stones and exposure to the sun.

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While the sun isn’t going to be a major problem, it’s the water that you want to look out for. A little bit of water can easily ruin almost anything and when you are traveling, water damage can spread to a severe extent as you won’t always have access to heat and fire very easily. For this reason, your portable packs should be waterproof along with all the rest of the gear. Shoes, jackets, hats, socks, sleeping bags the tent and more will not only last you longer but also be extremely comfortable and useful to you throughout the journey.

3.    Creating Health Packs

Food and water play a huge role in your energy levels while travelling. Needless to say, if your food is not providing you with the right nutrients, you will end up feeling hungry, angry, irritated and be low in energy. Moreover, if your food wasn’t packed right, it could end up spoiling easily. The best option in this case is taking food that is dried or dehydrated and relying on what you can forage from your surroundings for the rest.

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On the other hand, while you can live nomadically, make sure your body gets all its nutritional requirements by taking multivitamins with you for this trip. Create a small, waterproof, health pack that has some energy bars and multivitamins set aside for you. You can use these as snacks or as emergency supplies for when you’re running out of everything.

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