Signs You May Be Getting Sick

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Christmas is that time of the year we all love. The carols; people hopping around the stores like Will Ferrel in Elf, buying presents for their loved ones; friends get together during a Christmas bash and a lot more—everything is all so lovely and rejoicing at this time of the year. However, the joys and celebrations of Christmas can often be a pyrrhic at times: from a horse on a bouncy spring to a drained and drenched Dormouse. And if you don’t listen to what your body is trying to communicate with you, you may soon find yourself all wrapped in gazillion of blankets, with a hot water bottle on your head and a box of tissue to accompany; you may end up being sick.

“Click click”, snapping the finger to shed aside the sickness filled think clouds.

You can avoid all this; you just have to look at the following signs to avoid getting sick.

First Sign of Sickness: Ahh Choo!

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 One of the very first sign of sickness is constant sneezing. Considered as one of the reflex mechanism of immune support action, our bodies tend to remove foreign particles from the respiratory pathway through what often sounds as “ahh choo” to the outside world. Be aware though, you should not confuse it with sneezing which we all tend to develop because of certain allergies.

How to differentiate between the two?

The former outlasts the latter for a far greater time period.


Second Sign of Sickness: Sweating

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Finding yourself basking in the sun of Miami: soggy like sweat fries despite entertaining a cold climate during the Christmas period, is the second sign that you may be about to get sick. If the sweating is too excessive, it could point to even more serious situations like cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Third Sign of Sickness: Bumpy Stomach

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If you are feeling like travelling through the road bumps, while you lay on your bed holding your stomach, it is a sign that you may end up being sick in the very near future. These stomach bumps may be in the form of a stomachache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Fourth Sign of Sickness: Running Nose

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A running nose is a sure sign that sickness is around the corner. Just like sneezing, a running nose forms part of immune support action, which the body executes to get rid of bacterial or viral intruders. It should be allowed to run for a couple of days but if your nose has gone full purge, the infection could be more serious than you initially thought.

Fifth Sign of Sickness: Temperature

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You are not being grilled in a bonfire, therefore, sensing your body temperature rise mildly, is a tricky but one of the most assertive signs of infection hosting, which may end up restricting you within the boundaries of your bed if you don’t pay attention to it. Immediately reaching a thermometer in such situations is the thing we advise.

Sixth Sign of Sickness: Swollen Glands

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Our body uses lymph nodes to filter out impurities, and when pathogenic particles accumulate in these nodes, they tend to swell. These nodes are located just below the jawbone, right under your neck. Swollen glands is another sign that you may be about to get sick.

Seventh Sign of Sickness: Mood Swings and Fatigue

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Did you end up shouting at your little brother for no reason?

Did you end up hanging the call of your best friend as he asked about a hangout plan?

Do you feel taking off early from your office?

If you are having mood swings and feeling low on energy, your body is indicating that it may well be the time to take some well deserved rest. Burning yourself out at this moment of time, would just make matters worse.

Eighth Sign of Sickness: Loss of Appetite

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Made your kid’s favorite pasta dish but he only had a couple of spoons from the bowl? Your kid is facing from loss of appetite, a self immune support mechanism which the body uses to preserve energy by contracting the blood vessels that are supplying the digestive system, and thereby focusing on defending itself against bacterial or viral invasion.

With the signs of sickness being identified, it is time to look at the measures which can be taken to stop the initial turmoil before it develops into a full blown anarchy.

What To Do — Reinforcing the Sick Vitamins

In situations where you feel sick or if you have already fallen as the victim, it is advisable to take rest, drinks lots of fluids and reinforce the stores of your sick vitamins, which act as immune boosters. These vitamins include vitamin C and vitamin D3. Increase your vitamin intake through foods like:

  • Swiss cheese
  • Fortified cereal and milk
  • Egg yolk
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Guavas
  • Citrus fruits
  • Fish

Supplement your food intake with vitamin packs. And if you are looking for chewable, candy like textures vitamin supplements; vitafive’s gummy vitamins packaged in immune packs is what you should definitely try out. These are separately packaged for adults and children, meeting the individual vitamin C and vitamin D3 requirements. So what you are waiting for, place your order now!

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