• “When my kids were younger I used to have to take out each vitamin one by one. Now my kids are able to grab a pack before they leave the house. No more organizing and trying to get them to swallow huge pills every morning. ”

    Jerilynn Harris
  • “I honestly never really started taking vitamins until now! Whenever I would get sick I would hate having to swallow pills so when I saw that you had to do the same to take my daily vitamins I gave up! With vitafive, I am able to take all my daily vitamins in a tasty form. The packs help me control myself because if they came in jars I'd eat too many! ”

    Joyce Johnson
  • “I have a pretty busy schedule so vitafive definitely makes it easy for me to get my vitamins in. I love taking them right after lunch as an alternative to dessert! Totally cures my sweet tooth while providing me with my nutrients at the same time! ”

    Kelsey Werner
  • “I look forward to taking these vitamins every single day and I get a little sad when they’re already gone and digested in my belly. They taste SO friggin’ good.”

    Sunny Subramanian
  • “I have been impressed with the taste of the vitamins. Most vitamins, even gummies, have that “vitamin” after taste. These really tasted like candy.”

    Erin Hamm

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