Our Story!

Vitamins have been around for decades now, but it doesn't seem like the process has been improved. In early 2015 Garrett Adair and Nik Hall decided to change all of that. It took over a year to research, build the website, choose the right vitamins to have in vitafive's line up, and set up shop! Since then vitafive has been making it easier than ever to take your vitamins! No more jars, no more organizing your vitamins every day, and no more swallowing huge pills!

Meet the founders!

Nik and Garrett both graduated from Texas Christian University in May of 2016, but actually launched vitafive in March before they got their diploma! Garrett's mom used to send him 4-5 bottle of all different types of vitamins every couple of months in his care packages and little did he and Nik know that would help spark the idea that is now vitafive!

Meet our Registered Dietitian!

Garrett and Nik knew that they needed to have someone on the team to help with credibility and knowledge! Meet Stacie Ellis! She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from TWU with a Bachelors in Nutrition Sciences. She then went on to get her masters in Nutrition. She is now in the process of getting her Ph.D. in Nutrition!

Meet our mascot!

Mae is our official mascot! She is a beautiful french bulldog that loves taking long walks on the beach at sunset. On top of that, she actually manages all of our emails that are sent out to people that are interested and actual vitafive members! She's a good girl and keeps everyone in a positive mood at the office!

Meet our official spokesperson!

Say hi to Aria! Aria is our official spokesperson and most likely one of the cutest little babies you will ever meet! She is featured on our site, Facebook page, Instagram, and even some of our emails! In fact, she is our founder's (Garrett) niece!

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Build Your Pack Now!

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