Healthy Breakfast Tips for kids


Parent-teacher conference is an opportunity for you where you get to have a feedback about how your child is performing in school, not only academically but also in extracurricular activities. But these conferences can appear to be a cause of concern, when you don’t receive encouraging feedback. However, if you look at it positively it can help you gauge where your child is lacking in development. And more often than not it has to do with what they are having to start off their day.


Yes. That same breakfast that we so often tend to treat with a not-so-serious attitude, by either completely skipping it or packing it in the lunch box just because your child is getting late for the school. Let’s look into it more deeply.

Health Benefits of Breakfast

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Plenty of researches have been conducted on the health benefits of breakfast and eventually all have converged on its importance, especially for children because they are in growing phase. Not only fundamental for our young ones but breakfast is the most important meal of the day for people of all ages:

  • Breakfast provides your children with the energy that they need to be active throughout the day, preventing fatigue and tiredness.
  • By providing all the essential nutrition at the start of the day, breakfast also helps in hormonal balance. This helps to stabilize the mood swings of your child at school, curbing the unnecessary aggressiveness.
  • Breakfast helps in intellectual development of our children, helping them to perform better in their studies.
  • Healthy breakfast boosts immune system and makes your children less susceptible towards falling sick and catching cold.
  • Breakfast helps in regulating food cravings and thus preventing child obesity.

Okay, I get it. But the last time I checked, I don’t remember my children ever missing on their breakfast schedule. Then why are they facing these problems?

Healthy Breakfast


Breakfast is not only about dumping those calories and carbohydrates in the little tummies of your children just so that it can build their energy reserves to last through the day; it is more than that. It should not just be a breakfast; you should be serving healthy breakfast to your kids.

But what exactly is healthy breakfast?

A healthy breakfast is a balanced breakfast that provides all the nutrition required for the intellectual, emotional and physical development of your children. It should not only contain adequate amount of carbohydrates but it should also cater to the vitamins, fiber, fatty acids, proteins, calcium and minerals requirement of your children to ensure proper nourishment. You can have a detailed look as to what exactly a healthy breakfast for children should have.

Do you have any tips with regards to children that won’t only fulfill the daily requirements of a healthy breakfast but could also be quick and easy to implement?

Quick and Easy Breakfast for Kids


Here is a list of breakfast ideas and tips designed for kids that are not only easy and quick to implement but those little fingers would love them as well.

  1. Banana and Almond Butter Pancakes: This 10-15 minutes breakfast flapjack provides your kids with 200 calories while covering their sodium, fiber, protein and saturated fat requirements.


  1. Those Scrambled Eggs: This creamy, fluffy easy breakfast for kids can be served within 10 minutes and provide all the essential minerals, fatty acids and protein for your children to keep bouncing around for the rest of the day.



  1. Maple Berry Oatmeal: Ready to be served inside 7 minutes, this oatmeal is far from being dull and boring. And on top of that, it provides those little ones with their morning requirements of fiber, protein, calcium and vitamins.


  1. Egg, Sausages and Cheesy Sandwich: This egg based, protein filled sandwich is easy to make and requires only 6-10 minutes of your cooking time. Meanwhile it caters to your child’s needs of protein, multivitamins and fiber.



  1. Flatbread Pizza: The best thing about these pizzas apart from a 5 minute preparation time is that, they are cheesy, eggy and filled with sausages. Plus it is healthy.


  1. Bacon and Eggs inside Muffins: This muffined version of bacon and eggs can be prepared inside 20 minutes and supplements your child with proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants. A quick breakfast but a healthy one.

These recipes are not only fun to eat but they are also fun to make. If you think your creativity relishes the challenge even more, you can look through some other healthy breakfast ideas as well. However if you think you are really struggling with time and can’t attend to the breakfast needs of your children, you can have a look at a breakfast club which is now being run by plenty of schools in United States.

Want to Make it More Convenient?

We understand your reservations about breakfast club at schools and what they offer. We also understand that sometimes it gets difficult to provide breakfast to your children in the morning as your professional commitments may not allow. However you do not have to worry about that. Vitafive pledges to take care of your daily multivitamins and nutritional needs. With its Kids Essential Pack, you can be well assured that the breakfast nutritional requirements of your kid are met and supplemented daily even if they skip on their breakfast. All you have to do is visit us and place your order with easy to go steps.


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