Biotin Has More Results Than Just Hair, Skin, and Nails

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Imagine yourself at a dermatologist’s clinic, waiting in the queue for your turn.

The summer of Florida has been harsh on you. Oily scalp, damaged hairs, pigmented skin and dry brittle nails; you had to seek professional help. Step in and you find lots of multivitamin supplements of different brands, shelved in your doctor’s room. On closer examination, majority if not all, are tagged with Biotin labels. You look at the prescription and your doctor has recommended the same.

Such is the relation between healthier hairs, vibrant skin, nourished nails and the use of Biotin; that it has increasingly become the leading prescribed vitamin by dermatologists all over the world. However, only few know that Biotin has far more reaching health benefits than being just a vitamin for your skin, hairs and nails. We look at some of these “other” health benefits that this little micronutrient harbors.

Biotin is Needed for Healthy Metabolism

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The mere intake of food does not guarantee the provision of energy to our body. The body needs to convert these macronutrients into micronutrients which can be utilized further down the line for various physiological functions and energy release. Biotin or vitamin B7 does exactly that:

  • It helps to convert glucose, obtained through a diet full of carbohydrates, into more useful form so that it can be utilized by the body to produce energy.


  • Biotin also regulates gene expression of enzymes which are utilized by the body in the metabolism of amino acids.


  • Biotin is needed by the body to act as a coenzyme during the synthesis of fatty acids.


  • Biotin raises our resting rate metabolism, thereby further aiding in weight loss.







Biotin Supports Thyroid Function

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Thyroid gland is responsible for the production and regulation of T3 and T4 hormones which are necessary for regulating bone growth, sleep cycle, hunger, differentiation and development of cells, neural tissue maturation etc. Biotin helps in the proper functioning of thyroid glands and hence playing an important role in all these vital physiological functions. It is more than just a hair vitamin.

Role of Biotin in Fetal Development

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Since Biotin is a major player in cell development and differentiation and tissue development and growth, it is often recommended by doctors during pregnancy as all these inherent characteristics help it to play a vital role during fetal development. Plus what better if pregnant women get to maintain healthy hair and beautiful nails as they wait for D-day.

Biotin is Needed for Healthy Cardiovascular System

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Biotin helps in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system in a number of different ways.

  • Being known for inhibiting the levels of low density lipoproteins, meanwhile giving rise to high density lipo proteins in our body; Biotin automatically serves as cholesterol lowering agent. And the link between low levels of cholesterol and a healthy cardiovascular system is a common knowledge.
  • Besides being a cholesterol lowering agent, Biotin is also found to be effective with dissolving arterial plaque build-ups and as an anti-inflammatory agent. When combined, Biotin is seen as an effective solution against stroke and heart attacks.

Biotin and Diabetes Management

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Biotin is also vital for people suffering from diabetes as it helps in the maintenance of blood glucose levels.

  • By promoting the activity of insulin, Biotin helps to regulate the blood glucose levels and can thus be an important vitamin supplement for people suffering from type II diabetes as they are often found lacking in efficient utilization of insulin.


  • Biotin also inhibits the expression of enzymes which promote the release of glucose from liver into the bloodstream and hence helping with blood glucose level management.

Biotin Gummies


The story of Biotin goes beyond than being just a skin vitamin and hair vitamin — a beauty pack; it tins various biological functions of importance and hence including it in our diets is as essential as any other micronutrient. Leveraging food intake to meet your daily biotin requirements can often seem a tedious task, after all cooking is all about letting your creativity and emotions flow in the kitchen; it is not meant to be tailored. As such a biotin supplement along with your regular diet can do wonders, but even these vitamin pills can be bitter.

Vitafive has indeed found a solution to these woes by packing all the goods of biotin in a fun filled candy, giving rise to Biotin Gummies. These Biotin Gummies look wonderful and they taste even better, while you also get to meet your daily Biotin requirements. Worried about how many you need to take a day? Don’t worry with the option of vitamin packs, we take care of it. You just need to order it, open the pack once they are delivered and merrily munch through these gummies.



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