Best Vitamin For Growing Healthier Hair, Skin and Nails

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Growing healthier hair, skin and nails is just like having a small botanic garden at your home; they need the essential micronutrients in right mix just like your plantings need right organic matter for their growth; attention and care and lots of time investment. As intimidating as it sounds, this can be achieved with ease as long as you mix your diet with the required amount of multivitamins and maintain the integrity thereafter — a task easier than digging and filling the ground for your botanic garden.

Knowing the recipe is one thing but understanding the ingredients in the cookbook adds another dimension to your cooking. So let’s board with us on this journey and together we will explore what multivitamins are best for nourishing hairs, glowing skin and healthy nails and how do they make it possible.



Biotin — The Vitamin for Haar and Haut

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Biotin is also known as Vitamin H: a name originating from Deutschland for its relation with hair and skin which are referred to as “Haar” and “Haut” in the local language. Biotin plays a key role in the growth and maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails.

Biotin For Skin

Biotin helps to keep the skin moisturized and glowing as it is involved with the metabolism of the food we take, especially in the breakdown and distribution of fatty acids and amino acids. Fatty acids are essential for retaining moisture of the skin while amino acids are precursors to framework proteins like collagen, which help the skin to maintain its elasticity. Deficiency of biotin leads to dry, itch and wrinkled skin.

Biotin For Hairs

Biotin is known to play a significant role in gene expression related with enzymes that are essential for protein metabolism. These enzymes catalyze protein metabolism, helping them catabolising and anabolising products like keratin which are essential for hair growth. When these nutrient products reach hair follicles they stimulate growth, strengthen hairs and help to maintain hair texture. Biotin deficiency may lead to baldness, hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp and brittle hairs.

Biotin for Nails

Brittle nails are due to the fact that the nail bed struggles to retain moisture. With the role of Biotin in fatty acids distribution, problems associated with the retaining of moisture can be treated with this vitamin, hence restoring the nail to a healthy status.

Vitamin C — The Healer, Anti Oxidant and Inhibitor

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Vitamin C is another set of multivitamins that is essential for the growth of hairs and nails while keeping the skin healthy.

Vitamin C for Skin and Nails

Vitamin C keeps the skin healthy and vibrant as it is responsible for the production of collagen, a connective tissue that helps the skin to maintain its elasticity. But maintaining healthy skin and nails is not only about nourishment; it is also related with the reversal of damage, something which vitamin C excels in. Being an anti-oxidizing agent, vitamin C is used for neutralizing free radicals which are released by the body during energy production phase and cause cellular damage. Not only that, vitamin C further boosts the repair process by stimulating increased production of chemicals like interferon and tyrosin, which speeds up the recovery process.

Vitamin C for Hairs

Vitamin C plays a very crucial role in restoring healthy hairs and scalp. Firstly, it helps in the repair of damaged cells and tissues thereby revoking part of scalp and hair follicles which are damaged and showing inhibited signs of growth. Secondly, vitamin C is also found to control hair loss by inhibiting the production of DKK-1 protein.

Androgens are found to stimulate the expression of dickkopf-1 gene which transcribes DKK-1 protein. This protein when bound to papilla cells, cells providing nutrients to hair follicles, kill them off thereby affecting the supply to hair follicles and hence resulting in hair loss. With vitamin C, the impact of the androgens on gene expression is offset which helps to overcome hair loss. Furthermore, vitamin C also promotes the production of growth factor IGF-1 in papilla cells which augments the process of hair growth.


The contribution of vitamin C and vitamin B7 towards having healthy hair, skin and nails, has been investigated. It is now time to walk the walk, for theory won’t do enough to supplement, let’s say, hair growth. So how can you acquire these vitamins? Obviously adjusting your diet is the obvious gateway but sometimes diet doesn’t offer enough, there must be a way to supplement it.

Gummy Vitamins — Supplementing Your Diet

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